Train to teach

We believe that teaching is the best job in the world (you would be worried if we didn’t!) and are always looking for new and exciting people to join the profession. Teachers arrive at our doorstep via numerous routes, some traditional some not so. If you are one of those people thinking about teaching but don’t feel that you know enough about it then why not come and look round a fully operational and successful 11-16 school  and have a chat with us (we will even throw in a cuppa and some fancy biscuits)?

Dip your toe in the water

If you like what you see or still need convincing then why not come and spend a day, a week or longer with us shadowing real teachers in real classrooms working with real life students (don’t worry they don’t bite – the students not the teachers that is!). We can offer experiences across a wide range of subjects and can even get you some time in a local primary and post-16 provider. There is absolutely no commitment to take it any further and we won’t charge you a penny or a cent or even a dime.

Seriously tempted?

Like what you see and want to take it further? No problem! We have links with 5 experienced training providers (offering a variety of routes from fully funded school led to University based fees only – click link below) who can help you become a fully trained and qualified teacher and find your first job. Whether you end up working here at Costello or not it doesn’t matter to us we just want great people teaching.

Why now?

There are great bursaries available across an ever increasing range of subjects which means effectively you get paid while you train. There is a shortage of teachers nationally and hence there has never been a better time for finding full time employment at the end of your course.

Next Steps…

For more information about getting into teaching visit the DFE website here. If you like what you see then drop us an email so we can arrange that potentially ‘life changing’ chat.

Good luck and hopefully see you on the other side!

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