Values & Ethos

High Aspirations and Excellence for All: Enriching Lives The overall aim of the Costello school is to provide an enriched, educational experience that positively challenges students to be the best they can be.

At Costello we firmly believe that a strong set of values are essential in underpinning everything we do. When issues arise or guidance is needed it is very helpful to be able to reflect on what our core values are in order to guide a course of action or response.

Below is the list of core values that we, as a family, agreed on and why we think they are important. These are constantly referred to and reflected on during daily life in the school both during teaching and tutor time. At Costello we recognise and support British Values and we have linked these, where appropriate, to our Costello beliefs.

You can also read about how we directly address British Values in our daily life here.

Honesty At Costello, if you are honest with yourself and others there is nothing more we will ask of you.

Courage At Costello, we believe that the easy decision is not always the right one and we challenge you to challenge yourself. (British Value: Individual Liberty)

Respect At Costello, we believe that we have to give respect to everyone in our community and we will receive it in return. (British Value: Mutual Respect)

Justice At Costello, we believe that justice is sometimes hidden, sometimes absent however it shouldn’t stop you doing what is right. (British Value: Rule of Law)

Self-Discipline At Costello, we believe that there is no substitute for hard work

Empathy At Costello, we believe that before you criticise someone consider why the other person has acted the way they have and then ask yourself is there something I don’t know about and is there something I can do for them? (British Value: Tolerance)

Community Costello is your school: respect it, enjoy it and welcome everyone into it. (British Value: Democracy)