Values & Ethos

The highest expectations, an ethos of Enjoy Respect Achieve, unparalleled opportunity and highly effective teaching combine to develop students who are ‘game changers’.

At Costello we firmly believe that a strong set of values are essential in underpinning everything we do. When issues arise or guidance is needed it is very helpful to be able to reflect on what our core values are in order to guide a course of action or response.

Below is the list of core values that we, as a family, agreed on and why we think they are important. These are constantly referred to and reflected on during daily life in the school both during teaching and tutor time. At Costello we recognise and support British Values and we have linked these, where appropriate, to our Costello beliefs.

You can also read about how we directly address British Values in our daily life here.

What do we believe in at Costello?

To have fun whilst learning and want to do more, even after the bell has gone – Kean Shing
To make the most of all the opportunities and chances you might get in life- Megan Langham

We respect ourselves, our classmates and our teachers and in doing so we are rewarded with the same respect back – Evie Underdown
Being generous to all around us and forgiving others when they make a wrong decision. If you respect others you will earn respect back – Dylan Jones

To work hard to achieve your goals, no matter what they are and no matter what gets in your way – Jay Negargar
Achievement is not only getting high grades, it is being courageous enough to keep doing something you previously found difficult – Rhiannon Jones