At Costello we have a system for safeguarding students which allows us to identify when students are suffering from abuse and intervene as quickly and effectively as possible.

All staff are trained to recognise the signs that a child may be suffering abuse , but there is also a specific team of staff who are dedicated to ensuring all students are safe. These are:

  • Pastoral Team Leaders
  • Pastoral Team Deputies
  • Family Liaison Officer
  • Welfare Officer
  • Inclusion Manager

Safeguarding is led by the Designated Safeguarding Lead, who is closely supported by two deputies and the Headteacher.

If you have concerns about a child at the school, or you have concerns about your own child please contact a member of the team straight away.

Below are a number of websites that offer help and support for children and parents about a range of safeguarding and child protection issues.

Protecting Children and Young People – Immediate support for Children in danger – Advice for parents and professionals – anti-bullying advice and support – Support for vulnerable children – Protecting children online

General Advice for parents – A good general advice website for parents about safeguarding matters

Domestic Abuse / Abuse in relationships – Advice for young people about abusive relationships – Advice about domestic abuse – Advice about abusive relationships for LGBT people – Advice for men who are suffering abuse

Mental Health issues – Advice and support for parents and young people – Mental Health on the NHS – Advice and support for students and parents

Radicalisation and Extremism – Advice and support for parents on how the internet can be used to ‘radicalise’ young people

Please click here for a downloadable guide for Parents

Please click here for Hants Prevent Leaflet

Prevent Website  Practical advice on protecting children from extremism and radicalisation.