It is important that the School is aware of any allergies or medical problems concerning your child. Information should be directed in confidence to the Pastoral Team Leader, who will ensure that the relevant  staff who need to know are properly informed. The School is experienced in dealing with students with a wide range of illnesses or disabilities.

Medical or dental appointments should normally be arranged out of school time. When this is unavoidable, the students should bring the appointment card or a note from a parent which needs to be signed by their tutor and presented to the School Office (reception) on leaving where they will be signed out.

If the student needs to go home or requires hospital treatment, parents will be contacted to come and collect the child. The responsibility for arranging transport in such circumstances rests with the parents and not with the School. In an emergency, the School will arrange transport to hospital by ambulance or otherwise and parents will be contacted to meet the child there.

It is essential that the School’s records of emergency contact numbers for parents are always kept up to date. Parents should notify us of any changes to address or telephone number or when their work telephone number or extension number changes.

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