It is a legal requirement that your child attends school regularly. Excellent attendance is vital to students achieving their potential and, as a school, we place the highest importance on students being present and punctual. We expect students to achieve as close to 100% attendance as possible.

When your child is unwell you must inform the school on the first morning of absence and, for safeguarding purposes, provide daily updates. Medical certification must be provided for any illness exceeding 5 days. Please refer to NHS guidance on common conditions on the ‘Healthier Together’ poster – download here.

We ask that where possible you do not book routine medical appointments during the school day. Where this is not possible please ensure that your child attends school both before and /or after the appointment time as applicable.

For any planned absence you must submit a Leave of Absence Request Form in good time. Click here for the form- please return it to the school reception.

If you take your child on holiday, it will be recorded as unauthorised absence in all circumstances, and Penalty Notices will be issues in accordance with Hampshire County Council’s Code of Conduct (please refer to parent/carer letter download here).

Ten or more sessions of unauthorised absence in any 100 session period will result in a Penalty Notice of £60 per parent per child.


Students should aim to arrive at school no later than 8.30am (first bell), and they must be at their tutor room no later than 8.35am (second bell). If your child is late they will receive a detention.

Attendance monitoring

You will receive an attendance letter at the end of each term, which will be colour-coded as follows;

  • Attendance levels less than 90% are awarded PEWTER (Persistent Absentee)
  • Attendance levels of 90-94.99% are awarded BRONZE (Concern)
  • Attendance levels of 95-97.99% are given SILVER (Meeting Expectations)
  • Attendance levels of 98-100% are given GOLD (Excellent)


We run our ‘Attendance Lottery’ at regular intervals throughout the year. Students with excellent attendance are entered into a draw to win £5 Amazon vouchers.


Please do not hesitate to email our Attendance Officer Miss Davies