Visual Arts

Art is a very popular option for GCSE and is taught in mixed ability groups. The course is challenging, fast paced and very exciting. Our students produce personal sketch books and innovative personal responses. Art workshops run every day, early mornings, break and lunchtimes every day of the week to support our students’ learning. The Art department runs a variety of trips and workshops throughout KS3 and KS4 providing the opportunity for students to enrich their studies.

The KS3 and KS4 Fine Art courses are designed to provide students with many creative, exciting and stimulating opportunities. The course offers a wealth of possibilities to produce practical, critical and contextual work using a wide variety and combination of materials, processes and technologies. Photography has a formal role within the syllabus. Students need to be open minded, risk takers and open to advice.

  • We aim for our students to feel challenged, display independence and be articulate and reflective learners.
  • We strive for our teachers to be outstanding facilitators, be good listeners, demonstrate consistency, recognise and plan for every individual student. Teachers plan to challenge, differentiate and ensure all students are inclusive of the learning within the workspace. Teachers team teach embed high expectations and reward with positive recognition. Risk taking is the norm, teachers take risks and therefore students reflect and mirror this behaviour with confidence. The safe and inclusive environment allows self-expression with teachers facilitating students learning and personal outcomes.

Art – GCSE AQA    Exam – 40%   Coursework – 60%

‘An exciting, personal and passionate journey encompassing the courage to take risks and to mature as independent and articulate learners. The department strives to build long term partnerships with students, teachers, parents/carers and the extended community. It is about the enjoyment of rapid and progressive learning through visual expression to achieve consistent success… But is it Art?’