Media Studies

In Media Studies we study the AQA GCSE (Single Award)– two year course.

This includes studying a variety of different types of mass media and focusing on:  The Advertising Industry – both print and moving image advertising; The Film Industry – through studying genres and representations.  In the course of the GCSE, we discuss and examine the role of television, newspapers and magazines.  Coursework assignments comprise analytical written work and creative, production work. Much of the coursework is completed on computers where possible, but there is plenty of scope for hand-drawn artwork and design.  An awareness of design and artistic appeal is extremely valuable in this subject.  The third assignment, to complete the coursework component, comprises a large-scale Practical Project – currently a magazine.

The majority of Year study time is taken with Controlled Test preparation.  The Controlled Test is a one topic, 90 minute exam – there is preparation time during May and the exam is sat in June.  The exam topic for June 2013 was The Marketing and Promotion of Video Games.  The exam topic for June 2014 is TV News.