Geography is part of the curriculum for all students in Years 7 and 8, with an option to continue a GCSE option for Years 9, 10 and 11.  Students study the AQA GCSE Geography with us here at Costello. This course is 100% examination based.  The Geography curriculum consists of a wide range of topics and issues that aim to give the students an understanding of the modern world and their place within it. They develop a range of skills that are transferable to other subjects and are encouraged to use enquiry and decision making skills. Assessments supporting this curriculum have been developed to access a range of learning styles.  There is potential for the use of ICT in Geographical study both in school and at home. Students are actively encouraged to carry out research at home using their own computers and accessing data from the internet, in order to produce high quality written and graphical responses.


Students at Costello will study a broad range of topics equipping them with knowledge of the past and developing skills that will be helpful in all subjects. History at Costello is taught in Year 7 and Year 8 in either tutor groups or mixed ability groupings. Students can then pick to study either History or Geography in Year 9. History is a popular option for Eduqas GCSE and is taught in mixed ability groups. The History department runs a variety of trips throughout KS3 and KS4 giving the opportunity for students to enrich their studies, the most popular of which is the WW1 Battlefields Trip to Belgium at the end of Year 8 and 9.

Religious Enquiry

Students follow the Hampshire Agreed Syllabus ‘Living Difference’ and enquire into key religious and non religious concepts, which is why we call the subject ‘Religious Enquiry’.  Students follow a concept round a cycle of key skills that get progressively more challenging.  A cycle of enquiry may last 1-3 lessons.  Students are always at the heart of the learning in R.E because it is about how students develop their own ideas and beliefs in relation to the beliefs and ideas of other religions and cultures.  Students in R.E. at Costello develop critical thinking skills, have the ability to be life long independent enquirers and develop their own sense of identity and values.  All students at KS4 follow and take GCSE R.E. Students will study the AQA GCSE Religious Studies Specification A.