Business Studies

Business Studies is a very popular option due to its relevancy to the world of work and the current economy. It is a fast paced course, which explores, analyses and evaluates the activities and actions of businesses, small and large. The course material draws on current events and activities, as well as from real business. Throughout the course students will be researching real businesses and analysing the impact decisions on the success (or decline) of the business. Therefore students will be using case studies to analyse and draw conclusions, justifying reasons in context. In addition, there is an element of “learning by doing” through the use of class games and competitions. Students should be interested in what is happening in the business world, coupled with the impacts of political and social activities and decisions on businesses.

Key Stage 4 / GCSE (AQA) Course Information

Part 1 – Business activity, marketing and people.
This unit is about exploring business through the lens of an entrepreneur and will cover the following topics: enterprise and entrepreneurship; business aims and objectives; marketing; and the role of human resources within the business.

Part 2 – Operations and Finance.
This unit is about exploring big businesses and how they operate. The unit will cover topics including: Production; Quality control; Consumer law; Sources of finance; Cash flow; Ethics and the impact of globalisation.