Able, Gifted & Talented

What does “Able, Gifted & Talented” mean?
Nationally students are classified as AG&T by being in the top 10% of their year group. At The Costello School we look at student’s CAT scores when they join and any pupil with a high enough score – usually above 120 – is identified as AG&T. A subject teacher may identify students as being specifically Gifted at that subject, independently of whether identified as generally AG&T. Identifying a student as AG&T is an indication of their potential and not their past or future attainment.

What can students expect if identified as AG&T?
We support and encourage the progress of AG&T pupils by organising suitable activities to stretch and inspire students both within and outside the classroom including guest speakers, national competitions and trips. Careful monitoring of all AG&T student progress ensures that students successfully achieve their full potential.

What should your child do if they are identified as AG&T?
Take full advantage of the opportunities provided by The Costello School to broaden your experiences. Be aware of their Good Performance Levels/Grades and push themselves to achieve them.

What should you do if your child is not identified as AG&T?
Do not worry, just because your child is not identified in Year 7 does not mean that they cannot achieve excellence and they will still receive excellent support throughout their time at The Costello School.