Curriculum Information

Year 8 to 9 Courses         Key Stage 4 Courses

Our Approach

At Costello students benefit from an extensive, carefully designed and inclusive curriculum which promotes their spiritual, moral, cultural, mental and physical development and prepares them for the opportunities and experiences of adult life. Our school values are embedded in our teaching as is a focus on understanding and developing British Values. We have high academic standards and offer a wide range of courses that are right for the students. We believe that our students benefit greatly from ‘GREAT’ teaching focussed on ‘deep’ learning and ‘deep’ content.


In KS3 students follow a wide and challenging curriculum designed to allow access to all subject areas, thus enabling them to develop a good knowledge base for making informed decisions when choosing their GCSE options in Year 8. In Year 9 the students are given an extensive choice of the areas to study (including the level) which support their future ambitions and/or interests.


When students first come to The Costello School they are placed into tutor groups. They are then placed into appropriate teaching groups for each subject. The population of these groups will vary depending on the subject.

Religious Education and Collective Worship

Religious Education is taught throughout the School in accordance with the Authority’s agreed syllabus, which is available for inspection at the School. All students follow a GCSE Course at Key Stage 4. Assemblies are held daily and are non-denominational in nature. Should parents wish to withdraw a child from Religious Education or Collective Worship, they should notify the Headteacher in writing.

Sex Education

The School believes that sex education should lead to the development of understanding and attitudes which prepare students to view their relationships in a responsible and healthy manner.  In particular, the School’s programme aims to:

  • present facts in an objective, balanced and sensitive manner;
  • ensure these facts are set within a clear framework of values and an awareness of the law on sexual behaviour;
  • acknowledge the central role of the family, the value of stable family life, marriage and the responsibilities of parenthood;
  • help students to develop self-esteem and make informed decisions by considering the importance of self-restraint, dignity, respect for themselves and others, acceptance of responsibility, sensitivity towards the needs and views of others, loyalty and fidelity;
  • encourage students to recognise the physical, emotional and moral implications and risks of certain types of behaviour;
  • develop a positive and healthy attitude to personal relationships.

As part of the National Curriculum in Science students are taught about reproduction in plants and animals, including human beings. All other aspects of sex education are taught through the School’s Personal Development Programme which is delivered across the curriculum. All related lessons are taught in a sensitive way complementing and supporting the role played by parents. The pastoral system of the School provides further support. A copy of the School’s Sex Education Policy is available from the School. Should parents wish to withdraw a child from sex education lessons, they should notify the Headteacher in writing.