Parents are legally required to ensure that their children attend school regularly. Illness is the only satisfactory reason for absence. On a child’s return to School, a note from home must be handed to the Tutor. If a student is absent for more than three days and no reliable information has been received either by telephone or letter, an official enquiry is made. This is sometimes followed by a visit from a member of staff from Hampshire County Council Children’s Services team.

If you wish your child to be absent for any other reason, a written request should be submitted to the Pastoral Team Leader well in advance. Family holidays should not be arranged during the term. No leave for holidays is authorised as it impacts on a child’s learning and potential success in examinations. We firmly believe that students should develop good habits of punctuality while at School. We expect all students to arrive on time and students who are frequently late will be detained after School in School Detention. No students may leave the School site during the School day without permission.

From September 2015 all schools will be required to work with Hampshire County Council to take legal action if:

  1. A child has unauthorised absence for 10 or more sessions.
  2. A child is continually late to school and this lateness is unauthorised for 10 or more sessions.
  3. A child has any unauthorised absence during any formal examinations, assessment or testing.

Please note each parent/carer can be issued a separate penalty notice for each child.

Further advice and guidance for parent/carers with respect to this will be available from September via our county website.

PDFCode of Conduct, letter to parents and carers



The School is required to publish the following statistics regarding student absence during the period September 2013 to 31 May 2014.

  • Total number of students of compulsory school age on roll 1122 for at least 1 session
  • % of student sessions missed through authorised absence 4.0%
  • % of student sessions missed through unauthorised absence 1.0%

The authorised absence figure includes all illnesses, medical and dental appointments. The figure also includes educational trips and visits, interviews, work experience, School placements and study leave for Year 11 students.