For Summer 2019 Public Exam timetable – Monday 13 May to Tuesday 18 June 2019, click here

For Year 11 Spring PPEs (Pre-Public Examinations) – Monday 4 March to Friday 15 March 2019, click here


GCSE Results Day – Thursday 22 August 2019

Years 7-10 End of Year exams – To be advised

Please check the Exams page on FROG for all the latest timetables for both the PPEs and actual GCSEs.





Year 11 only: Results Certificates arrive in the school in time for the Certificate Presentation evening in late November. An invitation letter is sent to students in the Autumn after your results. If you are unable to attend, certificates are held in Reception for 1 year and then afterwards for as long as possible in the Exams Office although we are only obliged to retain them for 1 year. PLEASE try and collect them as the cost to replace each certificate is £35-40. This means you could have £100-150 worth of certificates to replace.

Other Years: All results certificates for all other year groups are held in the Exams Office until students leave the school in Year 11 or can be provided should students leave before then.


If you have any questions about exams please email Mrs Newcombe, Exams Officer: s.newcombe@costello.hants.sch.uk


Fixed Penalty Notices – please be aware of Hampshire County Council’s guidance for public examinations and penalty notices. One session of unauthorised absence resulting in a public examination being missed will automatically result in a fixed penalty notice (of £60 per parent per child). If your child is unavoidably going to be absent from an exam you should notify the school at the earliest possible opportunity (and medical certification may be required for authorisation).

The following weblink explains in detail the conditions for issuing a penalty notice for unauthorised absence:


If you have any queries please do not hesitate to contact Marie Davies, the Attendance Officer, by telephone 01256 490435.