Key Stage 3 Course Information

All students in Year 7 and 8 are taught a rolling programme of topics, covering Chemistry, Biology and Physics. The year involves a variety of practical work and enquiry learning. At the end of each topic, there will be a test which covers the content that has been taught. The results of these tests will be used to ensure students are in the most appropriate classes to support and extend their learning. The order of units taught throughout KS3 depends on the set, all topics will be covered for all students over the 2 year period.

In addition to in class learning, home learning forms a vital component of Year 7 and 8. Students will be set a variety of home learning tasks including learning projects which correspond to the topics they are being taught in the class. These are levelled tasks that allow students to be imaginative and creative in the way they present their learning. These are designed to encourage independent learning skills.

Key Stage 4 / GCSE Course Information

In Year 9 all students will follow a Principles of Science pathway. The aim of this year is to prepare students for the demands of the KS4 curriculum through studying the key principles of science in depth. The understanding of these principles is fundamental for success at GCSE.

At GCSE level students may study either:

  • Triple science – This gives them three science GCSEs and is suitable for the most able science students. The course is taught over two years and contains three coursework components.
  • Additional science – This gives students two science GCSEs and is the pathway that most Costello students take. This will be taught over two years and contains two coursework components. Students wishing to take A-Level science should take this option.
  • Core science – This gives students one science GCSE. Students will be taught the content over two years and it contains one coursework component. Students studying this pathway will not be eligible to study A-Level science.
  • BTEC award in Principles of Applied Science – This course supports learners that may struggle with the rigor of the examination system and is largely assessed through coursework. Students must complete all coursework modules to complete the course, as well as one examination which is worth 25% of the final grade awarded.

We use the Edexcel exam board for all GCSEs.

Core, Additional and Triple science specifications can be found here.

BTEC award in Principles of Science specification can be found here.